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Making Martha Stewart's Hat

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Suzanne Couture Millinery - New York, New York 

Clients Notes

  • Dear Suzanne,

  • Thank you for my adorable and very practical new hat.  As you know I have become a big fan of not only your hats but you. I always love seeing your passion on women's issues and coming in to buy one of your fabulous creations.  Again many thanks for the hat, I will think of you as I wear it in South America.

  • The Best Hat Shop in the World. If you need a hat or a wedding veil you must go to Suzanne. She has impeccable taste, will advise you and create the most beautiful piece just for you. She made my veil 10 years ago and I just bought a great straw hat for my Christmas vacation in the Bahamas. Everything is hand made and the quality unsurpassed. You must see the shop to believe it. Very nice lady too.

  • Hi Suzanne,

       Thank you, our holidays were beautiful. We loved working with you and will always appreciate our time together! 

       Everything was received beautifully!! Friends were in awe of how it all came together! It was really spectacular!!

       All my love, S. 


  • Hi Suzanne, I heard from my daughter-in-law Lindsay that she contacted you regarding replacing her missing hat. When she told me she spoke to you I had the best memories of coming into your shop, being and talking to you, and of course finding the most beautiful hats. Lindsay told me you have this web site so I just completed going through the entire site, including watching making Martha's hat. Quite fascinating!!! I just want to say hello, and next time I am in NYC, I will stop in to see you. Please don't forget about me and my big head!!! Big hugs and hope to see you soon, J.

  • Suzanne is lovely to work with and really understands the events her clients are attending. Her shop is a joy to walk into.


  • The wait is long during Kentucky Derby season, but Suzanne can work under the gun if needed.

  • Absolutely the place to get a hat for a royal wedding or other equally fancy event." "Very old school.

  • Her hats are wearable works of art.” “The employees there are so charming and service-oriented.” “I’ve had my Suzanne hat for ten years, and I adore it.” “THE place in New York to buy a hat. There’s nowhere else with that level of craftsmanship. 

  • Hi Suzanne, I bought the most amazing hat from your shop last Christmas while I was holidaying with my family                                                        I am pleased to inform that it has won two fashions on the field contests to date.

       One of my prizes included a trip to New Zealand :)
       Everyone admirers the hat and photographers go crazy for it :)

       Thank-you for making such beautiful hats, we hope to get to NY and visit your store one day soon.... Until then we will continue to browse your           website. Please find attached a couple of photos. Kindest Regards; Nicole W. Melbourne, Australia.


  • Hi Suzanne, I have received the 2 head pieces last week, they are more than my expectation. Thank you so much! I will send you my wedding photos if you like!  Have a wonderful day ! wish you all the best! Liz

  • Beautiful hats - fit for a queen - hey, I think she buys her hats here.

  • Suzanne, Attached is a clip from the Derby... I had an amazing time and was proud as a peacock to wear a  "Suzanne" design.  I really loved them both!!!!. Thank you again for all your time and help.Warm regards. Liza, Palm Beach Fl. 

  • Incredibly wonderfully helpful. you'll definitely get the service you are paying for.Suzanne, Thank you again for picking out the perfect hat for Pam to wear to the Derby and for allowing me to play dress up for a few minutes. It really was a wonderful, positive experience! I even commented to Pam that "when/if" I get married, I want to make a special trip to NYC and have you create my bridal vail/hair piece. Thank you again & we will be visiting you in your shop next time we visit NYC. All the best from Louisiana, Alana L. New Orleans. 

  • Suzanne, I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for the wonderful experience you gave me and my friend Pam in your shop Monday morning. I have been telling everyone that my favorite part of the trip was visiting a real millinery studio and being styled by you in a few hats!Thanks, Barb.

  • Dear Suzanne, I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous hat you customized for me - and at such short notice! It was the star of my ensemble - I and everyone else absolutely loved it!  Many, many thanks!

       Susan P. Paris, France 

  • Thank you so much Suzanne. You did a wonderful and absolutely beautiful job with my veil.I can't wait to wear it.   Thank you again for doing it so quickly too. Take care and see you soon.

       Azadeh - Sent from my iPhone. 


  • Dear Suzanne, I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous hat you customized for me -  and at such short notice! It was the star of my ensemble - I and  everyone else absolutley loved it!We'll be back in Paris next week through the end of July.

       Many, many thanks!
       Susan - Sent from my iPhone

  • Suzanne..thank for for your warmth and expertise yesterday. No one is better than you. Danielle was I was. I will call in the next weeks before we come in again.   Joni. 

  • Hi Suzanne!  Love the hat!  It was the hit of the wedding - other than the bride of course!  Thanks again. Xox. Barbara

  • Thank you for the most beautiful bride – ever! Tina

  • Suzanne: I would love to get a new hat for the May Luncheon. You made me a fabulous one last year. Just watched the Royal Wedding again and thought of you! I am sure you are very busy. Thanks, Meredith C. New York. 

  • I can't thank you enough for the gorgeous hat you customized for me - and at such short notice! It was the star of my ensemble - I and everyone else absolutely loved it!   Many, many thanks!    Susan P. Paris, France

  • Stopped into the shop today. The new hats are yummy. Wore the pink for New Years Eve. Many women came over to inspect it and ask where I got it.  Several men offered to remove it. And Eduardo strutted around like head of the place with the prize. See you soon for spring. Love Irene