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Large selection of ready to wear veils

& headpieces

or custom made on request

Bridal Tips from Suzanne:

Suzanne is the one of the last true "Custom Millinery Boutique" specializing in custom made bridal veils hats and headpieces. Every Bridal piece is custom designed and hand made on the premises by Suzanne and her three assistants. After an appointment has been set, brides are advised to bring a photograph or sketch of their wedding gowns so that the proper design can be decided upon, based on the bride's wishes and needs.


Several determining factors will influence the concept and realization of each unique headpiece:

  1. The location date and time of the wedding

  2. The size and formality of the ceremony

  3. The bride's personality...more

  4. Facial proportions and hairstyle.

  5. The position of the headpiece or comb on the head

  6. The color of the headpiece and veil and the materials to be used

  7. The length, volume and cut of the veil 

One or two fittings are subsequently scheduled once the headpiece is near completion so that minor adjustments can be made before final approval. 

Prices range from

$ 250 to $ 2,500

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